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Foundation Course

Days: 2 Units of 2 days (total of 4 days)

Price: $700 + GST

“We continue to be delighted, excited and amazed at the wide use and effects of IDT with our clients in the Mental Health setting.”

“I am using IDT more and more in my work as a social worker and loving the results for the clients.  Thank you.”

“Great, like a breath of fresh air.  Very creative, I love the visual element.  Unlocks things I didn’t expect.”

“IDT feels so respectful in the way you follow the client; its feels safe and non-threatening.” 


Fantastic! Really enjoyed it and know it will be very useful in my work.
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Can you tell me whether once trained in this therapy, are there jobs?
Interactive Drawing Therapy Ltd provides training in the IDT modality to a whole range of professionals employed in the “helping” field. Participants to IDT training are learning about the modality and how to use it to add to their existing knowledge and for use in their own work with clients. IDT is an effective tool to add to the skills you already have and in this way you may find it invaluable in your work. Attending and completing IDT courses does not guarantee you employment but will complement your existing skill set. IDT does not offer a basic training in counselling skills, but supplementary tools to add to your repertoire. Different market sectors need different sorts of training.
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