Interactive Drawing Therapy


Out of all the newsletters and magazines I receive, yours is the most enjoyable and informative. Many thanks for the hours of work that go into producing it. I can't wait to take part in more IDT training
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Could you please clarify what the IDT assignments are: practicum (observe & practice with coach/peers) or homework?
All IDT courses and workshops have hands-on post-course assignments. These contain simple experiential activities, designed to help you build confidence and some success in working with IDT at your current level of training. The Foundation Course assignments are generic and not targeted at specific or particular needs clients. Participants are free to ‘do’ their assignments alone or in groups. Foundation Course graduates are encouraged to join or form a local IDT Peer Support Group where they can meet and develop their IDT skills. Assignments are not marked or commented upon. We simply want you to give them a go. ‘Using IDT when working with Children and Adolescents’ is a special two-day workshop for Foundation Course graduates. It also contains a few simple assignments.
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