Really enjoyed Unit two; found it consolidated learning from Unit one and built my confidence.
Really great tool for OT's. Keep it up.
Really interesting, cannot wait to do course two.
Really intriguing, a lot of depth, very relevant and useful in my work, extremely interesting and informative in relation to its uses in therapy
Really positive and gave me some new tools to use with clients
Really useful. I completed this course a few years ago but needed a reminder of the skills and techniques. Thank you!!
An inspiring course with great potential.
Refreshing, exciting, relevant. I believe this will be useful in my practice
Relevant to what I am doing and able to advance my practice.
Relevant, accessible, highly applicable. Will use in day to day practice
Satisfying and affirming.
Sensed true professionalism from both practitioners.
Simply brilliant, Wow factor, Exciting, Clear, User-friendly, exciting discovery.
Since doing Unit One I have been doing a great deal of IDT (with a boy who has severe developmental delay and extreme visual/tracking problems). He is now working independently, at a much higher level, and his tracking has come right. His parents and teachers cannot believe it. I truly don't know what happened, but that the therapy worked !
So easy to do, can see the benefits for my clients and how it will help them to see what is hidden and for myself & helping me to see me.
So, so good! I loved looking at the theory as well as getting some more practice in
Some huge learning for me & really great and wonderful experience.
An intense, info packed 2 days.
Still full on! It's exciting and challenging. I feel I have a lot of energy to keep learning moreI can see this will be my main modality with almost all clients.
Thank you & these two days have been very interesting and applicable to work with my client group. Some of the ideas are challenging as they are different to my therapeutic style but I am very keen to practise. A very useful training experience
Thank you for a magic four days.
Thank you for a most informative and energizing time in training. IDT is definitely on my radar as a counselling tool from now on.
Thank you for introducing IDT. A similar but very different modality to utilize with clients than previous practice.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn this wonderful skill.
Thank you; best 4 days PD of a very long professional career.
Thank you! I found IDT to be a powerful, non-intrusive way of working.
Thank you! It was truly great and I can't wait to start using it.
Thank you. A really wonderful experience, both personally and professionally.
An interesting and valuable resource magazine. I greatly enjoy it.
Thank you. It has given me a breath of fresh air in my career.
Thanks so much, has been a pleasure to be here. Wonderful presenting style. Kept us moving but gave space as well. Really great job of balancing
Thanks so much. I am really looking forward to this. It's such a great tool and I find myself using it a lot already in my coaching at work.
The 'IDT with Groups' workshop was a really useful and engaging 2 days, with opportunityfor self-awareness,drawing practice, and meaningful connection with other professionals.
The Advanced Course has given me a most valuable resource in my work as a counsellor. I believe that to be working with IDT, the Advanced Course is essential.
The client felt better inside' as a result of the session and expressed appreciation. Moreover, she found it so helpful she was willing to try the IDT process again at her next counseling session.
The content, although appearing minimal and simple by the size of the handouts, was amazing in its depth and potential for seeping in' over time.
The course has been excellent, very practical tools to use working with kids.
The course has given me a great new skill to improve my work with young people
The course has met my needs adequately and given me much more.
and (as an added bonus) provides a great boost to addressing my own issues; and connects me with some great new colleagues.
The course has provided one with a new therapeutic tool for engaging with (child) clients in my professional role.
The course has re-opened options of counselling to a much deeper level.
The course is very full but is delivered in such a way as to make the content have a lasting and profound impact
The course was fast paced, interesting and relevant.
The course was great. I feel inspired and energetic
The course was insightful, powerful and thought provoking. Amazing insight gained via use of IDT in sessions. Enjoyed all aspects of the course; I learnt so much on many levels.
The experiential learning really solidified the approach for me and has given me the confidence and motivation to try this with my clients.
The feedback and input into real issues with real clients increases my learning and confidence immensely. Hearing other counsellors and about other clients always relates to my own experience. Always interesting and helpful
The foundation course gave me a passion for IDT and I was eager to attend the Advanced Course. The passion continues & the advanced course is packed with valuable information and tools, the tutors so knowledgeable, warm and encouraging. I found on this course, that my counselling and awareness of life suddenly expanded on many different levels & it felt amazingand is difficult to explain. I love the ease with which IDT enables the client (and my self) to connect to the deep inner core. It has helped me greatly with my own self awareness, built confidence with my work and has helped me to develop a greater professionalism. The user awareness of the IDT Therapeutic Process is invaluable to my work and gives a greater added depth of interest.
The IDT training (Sydney) was the best I ever did Thanks to all of you.