After 20 years in Mental Health I've found a method that fits with my personal ethos.
It was well paced & introducing and practicing ways of working and building on that with more input and practice
It's been a really useful toolbox' of new skills that I can't wait to practice and gain confidence with the wall or sometimes the cave.
It's been amazing! Had some very useful personal insights and I can also see how very useful its going to be with clients. Great way to learn
It's been an intense but wonderful two days. I'm very excited about using IDT and know my kids will respond well to it.
It's exhausting, challenging, scarey and deeply rattling of what I thought I knew. It somehow also dramatically increases the quality of my work with clients; gives me deep confidence in my practice;
It's helped conceptualise Unit One. The extra opportunity to do experiential activities helped me find what I came here to achieve (which was not what I set out looking for, but something much richer)
It's such a great tool and I find myself using it a lot already in my coaching at work, and with friends and family.
It's very different to other training that I have been to. I like the practical side and I can see this working with children and adolescents.
Learning from Unit One led to significant personal growth during Unit Two which was well supported
Learning the process and practicing it within the class has affirmed my long-standing hunch that I really need this set of skills & this tool on my tool belt!
All SWIS should do at least Foundation Course Unit One
Learnt a lot about myself.
Light bulb moment. Fantastic, enjoyable, full on.
Lots of info, initially overwhelming but can see the wonders of how IDT can be used in my role as support person (social worker).
Lots to take in but relevant and exciting. Puts the why' into actual practice.
Loved the practical focus
Loved the therapeutic levels and mountain story.
Many thanks and well done for creating such a wonderful healing programme.
Many thanks for the hours of work that go into producing it. I can't wait to take part in more IDT training.
Mindblowing is the word that comes to mind
More useful to my work situation than I had imagined.
Amazing! So excited by it and how much it brings the deep level of internal and unconscious to the surface.
My disability is cerebral palsy. IDT has changed my life spiritually as well as for daily living.
My disability is cerebral palsy. IDT has changed my life spiritually as well as for daily living. I've been able to work through issues quicker and more thoroughly. A very important outlet for me. My spiritual growth has been amazing. Being able to watch it in my drawings has been awesome. I thank A.., God, and R.. for showing me IDT. I feel it would open other people's minds in an easier way world wide.
My experience of both units has really affirmed and cemented my belief in IDT & its wide applications and insights gained
Nice pace, language and tone. Good use of different stimuli. Warm encouraging manner.
Non-threatening approach to self revelation as well as client self resolution re issues of life
One interesting new comment I had the other day was: I can not lie about my feelings when I do IDT.
One of the most interesting publications.
One of the most useful courses I have attended'.
Opening up new way of working with people. Very inspiring. A great insight of allowing people to work out their issues.
Out of all the newsletters and magazines I receive, yours is the most enjoyable and informative. Many thanks for the hours of work that go into producing it. I can't wait to take part in more IDT training
A fantastic opportunity. The pace was perfect, a good combination of theory, modeling and practice.
An excellent course in every way. I love your teaching style. We certainly got our money's worth.
Outstanding learning experience that brings together my professional practice and qualifications and so excited about endless possibilities.
Outstanding, applying the IDT model in a group process has highlighted the power of IDT.
Participating in the APC group has been a challenging and exhilarating process which has led to personal and professional growth with clients, supervisees, and groups.
Powerful and empowering. Love the experiential approach.
Powerful medium to use with most clients. Respectful presentation
Powerful, Empowering, Commonsense.
Presentation, demonstration and practice was really helpful and kept it moving. A wide range of options presented and will be very useful at my work.
Professional, interesting, useful. Well taught.
Profound, rewarding, aha', simplistic, fun.
Profound! Consolidated and gave depth to Unit One. Deeper theoretical background will be helpful once I've used IDT more
An excellent workshop; very worth it! Thank you!.
Provides clarity of structure and confirmation to one's efficacy as a practitioner as well as supporting new levels of therapeutic therapy awareness through helping the therapist become aware of new layers of being
Really appreciate how the material in the book comes alive and is projected out on paper.
Really appreciate the clarity of teaching and support and boundaries within the course.