IDT is brilliant. It's really safe, gentle, respectful, - a very client-centred process. It's illuminating! Clients really like it.
IDT is fantastic and I look forward to using it in my work place.
IDT is light years ahead of the rest of them.
IDT is like a light-bulb going on that I didn't even know was out.
IDT is very engaging and this workshop gave me more tools and insights to work with.
IDT is wonderfully applicable to my style of work and client base. I cannot praise this training highly enough. Best professional development I've ever attended!
Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic!
IDT Supervision has been invaluable. Each time I look forward to it, and enjoy the input and contribution of the people in the group.
IDT Unit two was interesting; provides user-friendly structure to engage clients in a therapeutic journey.
Illuminating & excellent to get a more in-depth understanding of IDT
Immensely stimulating. Provides me with new skills. Skills can be used for client and personal work. Combines analytic skills with creativity. Very well taught. One of the best counselling-therapy training courses I have done. Great fun- feels like play.
In 20 years of training and working as a counsellor this is the most useful and enabling course I have attended with regard to professional, group and personal development. I give it my unreserved recommendation for any therapist or counsellor
In our use of IDT since the completion of the course, we have noticed that it fits well with modalities we already use and are familiar with. It appears to be well suited to working in the addictions field, as it efficiently reaches beneath surface issues. We are finding that IDT opens up a pathway of communication for some of our less verbal clients. Some of our mental health clients have responded very positively to using IDT.
Informative and helping self reveal self.
Informative and supportive. A lot of information with appropriate time allowed to role play making retention of information more likely. Well supported with manual. Well presented in a safe, caring manner
Informative, enlightening and I can see a very positive tool for my SWIS intervention
Informative, supportive, lots of useful information.
Absolutely fantastic! An approach that links into the unconscious without effort. Can't wait to use it!
Informative, well-paced, great mix of instruction and practical/experiential activities
Informative! Very relevant and fits well within my current practice framework.
Informative. Brought out many deep issues without realizing it until the session was finished.
Insightful and extremely helpful. Very well delivered.
Insightful and very adaptable to all clients. Uses strengths, resources to develop drawings which I love
Insightful, exciting.
Insightful. Great way to connect and work with clients
Inspirational, motivating and very liberating
Inspired me to think beyond most frameworks.
Inspiring and thought provoking; brought up some difficult scenarios.
Accessible and mind-blowing. Impressive. Very powerful.
Inspiring and very easy to use.
Inspiring stuff, can't wait to apply my learning. Amazed at how quickly things' happen. It's been FUN, safe and enjoyable.
Inspiring, encouraging work.
Inspiring, energising and fun
Intense, thought provoking, eye opening. Very personally moving. Reminder of how scared clients may feel in therapy
Interesting and am pleased with its propensity to show up insight/deeper content.
Interesting, straight forward, useful, and able to apply immediately.
Interesting, useful and relevant. Will inform future practice with clients.
is not interpreted by the therapist, in turn allowing a depth to be reached to their own level, very quickly. The safety measure that comes with this is reassuring.
It almost feels like a magical formula. I have found it surprising and refreshing; a new media for the art of counselling. I love it.
Added hugely to insight. Another useable tool in my toolbox.
It has a lot of potential for my work with young males in group work. As the sessions went on and I found that my clients were really finding them helpful, I was able to relax and then things just flowed. I now find that I am using IDT on a regular basis, feeling confident and because of this I am eager to learn more.
It has been a huge and useful learning curve! So much information and theory to digest, was great to practice the tool so often to see its application.
It has been a valuable experience, allowing time to consolidate learning from unit one and move forward to utilize learning from unit two.
It has increased my toolkit' and given me more confidence to use art and creativity within my work.
It has taken me into such a safe and creative space to be able to meet clients more efficiently and effectively. My clients are kids who aren't so articulate, and it allows both of us to open our hearts more. I feel blessed.
It was excellent & great tool to add to my toolbox
It was insightful and fun
It was something I can take into practice.
It was very insightful. Challenging and new and uncomfortable at the same time, but I feel encouraged to use it in the field.
It was very relevant to my professional pursuits