A wonderful introduction into a very powerful and intuitive tool/methodology.
I loved this course, it was very helpful to me and to my work with facilitating groups of young people.
I LOVED this training, thank you.
I ndepth D ynamic T esting.
I really appreciate the practical exercises and experience how IDT works and also the theoretical and academic background.
I really appreciated the balanced mix of theory, demonstration and practice. It kept us focused and engaged.
I really appreciated the way you gave so much freedom. I loved your approach. I've never felt so free to learn rather than ordered' to learn. This was a highlight for me and allowed me to stretch even further. I flourished in that assignment environment. I appreciated your humour and passion and gift of living' this model with integrity. I have gained some priceless gifts and skills, thanks heaps!.
I really enjoyed the training and have found it very valuable in my work. There have been some very significant changes in many of the clients I have been working with.
I really notice how much more quickly clients move forward in their healing with IDT. I have started to experiment' in a small way with groups of children. I believe there is a huge potential in development if social skills in IDT group work. Certainly the sessions have developed alongside my confidence.
I recently attended the introductory course 1st unit in Brisbane. It was fantastic and I would love to attend a professional development course.
I recently attended the introductory course unit q in Brisbane. It was fantastic and I would love to attend a professional development course.
A wonderful PD & the best I've ever experienced.
I recently used IDT with a group of employees during a workplace staff meeting.The purpose of the meeting was to build a sense of unity and camaraderie amongst staff. I invited attendees to think ofsomething energized and show it on the page, followed by an invitation to draw what might be surrounding it, and explore other questions about thetime of day, the weather, looking for movement, etc. I encouraged attendees to continue contextualising their pictures, as well as writing down feeling words as theyconnected with their page. The session concluded with an invitationto choose a wise colour and write themselves some wise words.....
I saw one of my most difficult clients today and used IDT for the first time with her and it worked better than anything else I've tried. So I'm writing to thank you for generously sharing with the world your brilliant observations and for developing such a powerful and useful technique.
I see IDT as a tool that has endless possibilities. This course has opened my eyes to a whole new way of working with students (clients). Very informative, practical and relevant.
I see so much more this time. I get more and more amazed at the power of right-brain activities.
I see this course has amazing resources and cues that I could use in my mahi with the youth that I work with.
I thank A, God and R. for showing me IDT. I feel it would open other people's minds in an easier way world wide.
I think IDT is the best psychological tool that I have found and I have been working in the social welfare industry for 30 years.
I thoroughly enjoyed the 4-day training.. a very professional, well structured experience.
I thoroughly enjoyed the 4-day training.a very professional, well-structured experience.
I thoroughly enjoyed the concepts of IDT, how it emerges and the results seen. The entire process was therapeutic.
A deepening of my professionalism.
Absolutely Amazing.
I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and learnt heaps!!
I use the skills that I learnt a lot and continue to find it very helpful
I usually get a lot from the IDT courses, but the group on was an exception. I think I said on the original review that I found it disappointing, and I still say the same. It was very disappointing in fact. The first day seemed like a waste of my time as I know everything that was being taught. I was bored and frustrated. The second day was a bitbetter. At one stage Bill had the time to go off ´┐Żurriculum' and 'work with the ''heroes journey'' process and that was the most useful part - I think for many of us - and we asked andalmost begged Bill to divert onto this. We were all wanting to know qood cues to use. This is lacking in the traiing overall. We were given a few cues, but many were the same as in previous trainings. Bill is my favourite teacher of all time, so it wasn't him, it was the content he was supposed to be teaching that was lacking in interest as it was aimed too low. A much more experiential workshop would have been far more educational and useful.
I value the sound theoretical base that is constantly there and your respectful stance.
I value the sound theoretical base that is constantly there, and your respectful stance. - A great course!
I value the whole method of working with drawings. Watching your demonstrations was helpful, especially with explanation of what you were doing. Also the way you reviewed the material several times.
I value the whole method of working with drawings. Watching your demonstrations was very helpful, especially with explanation of what you were doing. Also the way you reviewed the material several times.
I value your ease of being with every group member. I value your quick, lively, intelligent presentations of the IDT model. I value your ability to keep asking questions and your humorous confrontations of group members, which encourage the same. The whole package is grounded, immensely creative, intelligently thought provoking, gently and ease-ily encouraging and deeply satisfying. I think and think about the model and its application. I appreciate the work put into the production of clear handout material for each stage of the model. The tension of focused work and time to play.
I want to learn more! It has opened up a whole new way of therapy to work with people in the mental health profession.
I would like to say how instantly helpful I have found this approach. I have 30years experience as a counsellor and have seen the development of many new approaches but I think this one is outstanding.
Absolutely bloody marvelous!! Very exciting. The possibilities seem endless.
I'm amazed at what comes out on the page. My level of effectiveness in session has sky-rocketed !
I've absolutely loved the interactive approach to the training and have been stunned by the relevance and clarity of theory and practice
I've been able to work through issues quicker and more thoroughly. A very important outlet for me. My spiritual growtrh has been amnazxing. Being able to watch it in my drawings has been awesome.
I've just returned (to Perth) from a fabulous experience of IDT. I learned a lot and will find it very useful in my practice.
I've just returned from a fabulous experience of IDT. I learned a lot and will find it very useful in my practice.
I've run groups in the past using a more art therapy' approach, but the thing I really like about IDT is the interactive nature of it. It's great when the client and I draw on the same page, adding different things, or when the client takes over one of my drawings. I find it less tiring than just talking and listening (and trying to remember and track the client).
IDT feels so respectful in the way you follow the client & it feels safe and non-threatening. Tino pai rawa!
IDT is a brilliant concept. Simple yet so effective
IDT is a brilliant tool and at this advanced stage needs to be made accessible to more people. IDT is powerful in its simplicity and works beside many other modalities with ease. It has the potential to facilitate access to our inner worlds in an very short time, which allows healing to begin. However, don't venture into Advanced IDT if you are not ready to take the risk of being true to who you are. The page will eventually reveal all.
IDT is a little miracle & a universal therapy which I feel crosses the bridge of age, ability, ethnicity, willingness and engages with ease and safety. Many thanks.
Absolutely fabulous, can't wait to learn more. Have begun the process of thinking on how to use this in my practise
IDT is a powerful tool to creating shifts and change
IDT is a really useful tool in the Supervision process.
IDT is a safe client-centered therapy that empowers and protects clients from therapist projections. In the Advanced Course one learns the skills to permit a client to remain in and handle their own world view.
IDT is an excellent powerful tool & I appreciated being given input and practical experience in implementing it.