I found this course to be excellent in revealing the client to herself. It works rapidly and I think healing begins rapidly
I found this course to be very enlightening and developmental for me for use with clients. It gave another language and form of expression with no set boundaries yet safety and boundaries can be instated at any given moment to meet client needs
I found this course very practical and inspiring & a great way to work with people with many different experiences. I see this really working in my context
I found this incredibly helpful for my spiritual direction practice.
I found unit one of the IDT course very informative and helpful. The information was presented in a way that was easy to follow.
I found Unit Two complemented with Unit One extremely useful as a new method of counselling
A wonderful and supportive teaching making use of simple tools, but so powerful and safe. The Advanced Course goes so much deeper than the Foundation Course. Don't be deceived you will find yourself on a roller coaster ride during the months of learning. Only by experiencing these layers consciously, ourselves, can we become truly of assistance.
I found very enlightening and inspiring.
I have been awed by your expertise, insight, thoroughness, vigor, and comprehensiveness. This course outperforms anything I have experienced. IDT is a vast gift.
I have been intrigued by the depth available in the work and a timely reminder to trust the client's process. It's refreshing to find new ways to work & beautifully presented in a gentle and empathic way while caring for participants
I have been pleasantly surprised at what has come out of the IDT practice sessions. I can see IDT helpfulness and worth for working through life's journey.
I have been really amazed and delighted at the outcomes of IDT & as are my clients.
I have been stimulated and excited about the course and its possibilities and the detail of course/unit two.
I have come with no prior experience of IDT. I am visual and so tend to use white board in my session so this modality will be extremely useful.
I have done one of your Foundation courses and am thoroughly enjoying and realising the benefits of using IDT as part of my practice
I have enjoyed the combination of practice and theory. Safe practice and yet revealing.
I have enjoyed this and am eager to use it at work
A wonderful course! - very inspiring! - immediately applicable to my current practice. It works!
I have found it enjoyable and a good mix of theory and practice.
I have found it extremely useful and am keen to get started in my setting next week. Although there is a lot to learn the sooner I start the better my practicum will get.
I have found it great and comprehensive. Excellent tools to work with. Structured and clean guideline. I am delighted to attend it.
I have found it informative and helpful. I like the interaction and practice that you get, not just theory.
I have found it interesting, and stimulating to learn a new method of relating to my clientele. It has been exciting as well as enjoyable and fascinating to see how well it works.
I have found it very useful to add to my tool box as an Occupational Therapist. It gives me the opportunity to address clients who appear to have blockages and need/want to address them.
I have found the course to be a revelation. Exciting, affirming and rewarding.
I have found these two days have met my expectations of all I've heard and experienced (as a client) about IDT. I can see it will be useful across cultures as it is respectful, safe, and non-threatening.
I have found this an excellent opportunity to learn new and exciting ways to interact with and support clients.
I have found this course really inspiring. I really like the gently being alongside process. Really effective and I will put this into my practice. Some therapeutic wow' moments.
A wonderful course! Very inspiring! Immediately applicable to my current practice.
I have greatly enjoyed these two days and intend on utilizing what I have learnt and further extend my knowledge around this
I have had the most amazing and life-changing two days.
I have loved this course for both the personal processing and professional development.
I have many years experience as a counsellor yet I found insight learnt at this course very useful and appropriate.
I have realised my good fortune at being who I am in the place I am in.
I have really enjoyed it & teacher really helpful, content paced well , good mixture of hands-on doing/teaching/breaks
I have really enjoyed it, it has been great to watch and take part in demos then practice ourselves. Course structure worked well, never felt bored.
I have so enjoyed the depth of this course & knowing more learning and knowledge is ahead, but my appetite has blossomed
I have used IDT so much since doing the course. It is proving to be an amazing tool.
I just delight in the process of IDT and use it on a daily basis to remain grounded in such a busy and productive life.
A wonderful helpful and thought provoking newsletter. Well done and Thank You!
I just think it's amazing. & It's very rich. & I'm glad I repeated it. It's extremely valuable. IDT is an amazing tool.
I learnt a lot, I now have tools (IDT) to put to good use at my workshop.
I like that IDT is portable and works across all ages/gender/cultural groups.
I look forward to implementing IDT at work with clients.
I love IDT.
I love IDT. It has a lot of potential for my work with young males in group work. As the sessions went on and I found that my clients were really finding them helpful, I was able to relax and then things just flowed. I now find that I am using IDT on a regular basis, feeling confident and because of this I am eager to learn more.
I love the way I can apply this to my work.
I loved almost every moment and met some really wonderful people.
I loved it & great & opened new horizons
I loved it; it is so relevant to my client base. I can really see me using it a lot.