A very professional course.
Have found it to be a very powerful and non-invasive technique. Looking forward to using it with clients
Having completed unit 1 in Auckland last week I would love to enrol for unit 2 later on this month. I have had the most amazing and life-changing two days.
Helpful in my counselling career in regards to increasing awareness and skills for therapeutic intervention.
I absolutely recommend this training, it helped me hugely in my work and I had very positive feedback from my clients.
I always get positive comments from clients when they work with IDT. It is wonderful for bringing resolution for hard-to-define emotional pain and childhood issues.
I am a general manager in a private training school where there are problems coming into my office all day (staff and students) and I think this is a fabulous tool for me to use.
I am a General Manager in a private training school where there are problems coming into my office all day (staff and students) and I think this is a fabulous tool for me to use.
I am always in awe of its application to so many situations my clients are going through
I am amazed at the results we have witnessed during this course
I am grateful to attend this course because the processes that I've learnt will help me benefit and work with the youth involved in my mahi.
A continuing IDT learning journey. So looking forward to practicing, using, and learning more.
A very professional course. A must for those who are serious about developing the theory and practice of using IDT.
I am just wrapped in this modality.
I am using IDT more and more in my work as a social worker and loving the results for the clients. Thank you.
I am using IDT with AOD clients in recovery and after rehabilitation; many have experienced counsellors, psychologists and some have had psychiatric sessions. Every person that I have used IDT with keep saying how they have never before got this much out of a counseling sessions and attribute it to me personally & I will attribute it to the process of IDT, themselves & I am the tool. I still feel like I'm practicing but am gaining confidence as these clients gain self knowledge, set goals, achieve goals & recognize things about themselves they have never seen before. Because of this and my love of the art/drawing process that I have enjoyed for many years now I am very keen to take my IDT as far as I can.
I am very keen to expose my clients to adventures in IDT as I have found ah-ha moments in many of the exercises. I am confident in starting out
I appreciated the depth to both theory and practice.
I came away with a new skill that I can use in my practice straight away. The combination of theory and practice was very helpful
I can't comment enough & great experience.
I cannot adequately express my excitement of the results of using Interactive Drawing Therapy with my clients.
I enjoyed the hands on activities and that there were many opportunities to experience IDT personally. The group work was enlightening'.
I enjoyed the process and like the thought of going with instinct' despite my need for evidence. I like the personal challenge involved for me.
A very thorough, well-taught course, which has deepened my understanding of the overall therapeutic process. I have learnt new and creative ways of using IDT in my work. I am being much more effective in my counselling practice.
I enjoyed the structure to the material and clear processes it follows. It's a fun and liberating tool useful for all age groups and challenges.
I feel I have gained depth in knowledge and the beginnings of an excellent tool for my work.
I feel like this could really alter the way I work with clients.
I feel like this is a safe and fast way to get to the heart of the issues.
I feel that I've had another hunk of the richest and most exciting knowledge that I have ever studied since psych degree days. No other therapy is so comprehensive & feels so right.
I feel that I've had the richest and most exciting knowledge that I have ever studied since my psych degree days. No other therapy is so comprehensive & feels so right.
I felt very comfortable using this framework in practice, so simple and inspiring.
I find it a deceptively powerful tool which can be very light hearted and joyful.
I found IDT gave structure to the creative therapy I already use in my practice. It is a method I will employ.
I found IDT to be a vehicle of rapid transformation and healing. I can't wait to share my new skills!
A very useful course that I will use on a daily basis for counselling children. Teacher is very helpful and moved through content at an appropriate pace
I found it exciting and fascinating. Opened up areas of great usefulness even with my childcare centre.
I found it fits in well with my style of working.
I found it most helpful both as C0 and as C1. Full of surprises and it gives me hope for further growth in IDT as I use it.
I found it to be the one of the most useful, practical and flexible 'tools' in my kit - it can be used with any age group and is extremely non threatening for clients who are uncomfortable with the idea of drawing in general.
I found it very informative and look forward to using it as part of my work with families.
I found it very insightful and useful. Great demos and helpful tasks.
I found the course very beneficial. Very usable, thorough and challenging. I am confident I will be experimenting with a lot more IDT techniques
I found the extra depth challenging but very useful.
I found the IDT unit two flowed well from unit one. There is a lot from unit two that will be helpful in using in my counselling practice.
I found the newsletter very helpful and inspiring.
A very wonderful course. A very exciting system. A human approach. Very busy, challenging, satisfying. Very confidence-building. Very graphic. Everything about the way we did our course was great. Thank you.
I found the standard of tutoring very good and felt much more at ease with this modality at the end of the two days.
I found this course has provided me with some exceptional tools for my toolkit working with young people & learning and behavior.
I found this course information-packed and very useful. It was great to watch live demonstration followed by many practices
I found this course informative and useful as a professional. Personally I found this challenging, insightful, and a tad comfortable.