Found mix of words, colours, pictures good. Appreciated the purpose of holding up pictures to dis-associate client and add more detail & colour, words, feelings, images, metaphor.
Found that I could look at applying this to clients in a setting that hasn't used IDT previously.
From my practice of the theory, helpful to expand on understanding of levels, to practice with experienced IDT colleagues, to have time to absorb concepts both conceptually and experimentally. The experience of using IDT, seeing' it in action was great!
Full of practical experience
Full of varied content, good group size. Well organised and clearly run. Well presented, relaxed atmosphere, sign of good facilitator
Full on time of learning skills while learning about myself.
A tool to assist clients to unlock their potential and confront the issues that prevent them from living the life they want to live.
Fun and fabulous.
Gave a really useful framework to help keep track of where I am/client is.
Gentle and caring. Use of modelling was excellent. Very competent.
Good balance between LB/RB activity.
Good clarity, strong relevance, plenty of practice
Good expansion of Unit One, especially stages of therapy & allows hands on experience of material as well as theory.
Good experiential learning.
Good pace and great multisensory experience
Good to understand it more fully. Unit Two gave substance to the articles I have read and built on well from unit one.
Great & fabulous to deepen/strengthen the information from Unit One
A totally life changing experience! I gained so much for my own personal growth and awareness and came to appreciate the wonderful therapy that IDT is and it's power to bypass the logical mind. What an pThank you much
Great balance between left brain and right brain ie between structure and experience of drawing.
Great course, expectations exceeded.
Great course! Extremely valuable and immediately applicable. Best value for money course I've done in a long time.
Great course. Really excited to apply it!
Great for pulling together learning's from Unit One and expanding skills throughout this unit.
Great group, provided insight, thought provoking and engaging & felt absorbed and learnt new ways to use IDT in groups.
Great learning and great tool. Can see the benefits and uses already
Great learning, thorough teaching and role plays. Valuable handles/tools
Great mix of theory and practical application. Useful exercises and cues that are relevant for my client group.
Great Newsletter. Thanks for your huge efforts.
A very nice process and excellent tools.
Great opportunity to learn a tool able to really be used immediately in therapy.
Great practical advice. Given the theory and then being able to practice with co-participants.
Great self-discovery in a fun and creative way.
Great to expand on theoretical underpinning and practice more.
Great to have the extra practice and knowledge building on from Unit One
Great value for investment of time and resources. Invaluable therapeutic tools. Guaranteed personal Growth. Meet wonderful new colleagues.
Great workshop!!! Very informative, life changing
Great, bit overwhelmed but looking forward to testing out knowledge on friends and clients.
Great, fun, a lot of new skills in two days but somehow not completely overwhelming
Great, like a breath of fresh air. Very creative, I love the visual element. Unlocks things I didn't expect.
A very powerful and useful tool.
Great, wonderful!!
Great! I can see many, many possibilities for how I could use IDT with my clients. It feels like a safe, non-threatening way to go to depth quickly with a client
Great! Really got me excited about IDT & very keen to learn more and see great potential to use with clients. Fantastic tutor
Great! Very rewarding. Lots of strategies to apply to my current teaching/counselling role. Simple steps (despite lots of anxiety in beginning).
Great!!! Exciting, a radical approach. Excellent framework to work with.
Great!!! Overwhelmingly fantastic.
Great. Felt engaged and motivated throughout the course. Great course and will continue to develop knowledge on what I have learnt.
Great. Surprising. Challenging.
Has surpassed my expectations; challenging and exciting.
Have found it really interesting, useful and user friendly. The uses for IDT are limitless