Challenging, intensive, loaded, enlightening, exhausting, hard work, inspiring.
Clear, informative and packed with strategies backed by theories.
Colleagues, I am so thrilled to have finally had the chance to do this training and of all the various modalities I have investigated over the time I have been doing therapeutic work, I feel this modality is a wonderful fit for clients as it allows them to make meaning of themselves. It is respectful, non-judgemental, non-advising and relationship-oriented. I am a fan!
Compared to a one day Art therapy intro I did, I found this course delightfully different. So much more experiential and engaging and one which I totally identify with. Thank you.
Connects and Strengthens, consolidates and deepens, integrates and operationalises the application of IDT to clinical practice.
Consolidated and built on Unit 2 course, perfectly paced, all learning relevant, teaching/demo/practice, effective learning tool.
Content of the course presented in a clear and comprehensive way. The theories are far reaching and user friendly
Course has been engaging and enchanting professionally and personally. Has met my needs and expectations very well and pitched at the right level for me
Creative and empowering for the client, enlightening for the therapist.
Deepening, insightful, relevant
A great tool, easy to use and relevant in the work I do.
Deeply stimulating.
Detailed focus on each stage had brought IDT alive and given huge understanding of how to pinpoint where a client is on the process, and therefore how to work with them. Takes IDT into a much greater field of usage than is possible only doing Units One and Two. Healthy professional development and peer relationships. Clear, logical, precise, full teaching.
Didn't think I would like it as much as I did.
Do it! The more one experiences IDT the more meaningful and integrating it becomes
Do this training if you want to develop a safer cutting-edge therapy that truly honours the client and their work, while providing a framework for you as therapist to not get involved' in their stuff, and subsequently experience overload or burnout.
Easy to understand. Good balance of theory and practice
Empowering and liberating, I felt very competent quickly.
Empowering, insightful, trail blazing
Energised my creative brain and came away with what I needed for a specific issue in a group.
Enjoyable, exciting, love the way images/page begin to speak, helps me process.
A great way to draw out the subconscious feelings that clients don't understand/can't explain. Easier to talk about the page than self
Enjoyable, informative, fun and useful!
Enjoyable, informative, relaxing, brought out creativity, good bunch of people to work with
Enjoyed the work with fellow group members & a fascinating experience that reflects the rich powerful nature of this modality.
Enlightened. Way of healing whole person, little by little until complete.
Enlightening & grounding of Unit One
Enlightening, consolidating. Has given me confidence to go and start using IDT with clients.
Enlightening, practical, valuable tool.. Thank you for your gentle approach.
Enlightening, refreshing and relevant
Enlightening, relevant to work, non confrontational, helpful and inspiring.
A lot to take in and practice but a very useful tool.
Enlightening. A great tool to use with clients & I will use it asap.
Every enquiry appreciated, and coming back to questions if unclear.
Exceeded my expectations both personally and professionally.
Excellent & am excited about the possibilities for using it in my work.
Excellent & Irena was a fantastic presenter/teacher. She kept the course moving in an unhurried manner and was fun.
Excellent balance of theory and practice. Safe environment created by skilled facilitator. Excited at the prospect of using IDT in my practice.
Excellent but frenetic, its right where I'm at and really facilitated me in using this mode more effectively.
Excellent course. Intense, uses all modes of learning
Excellent flow, R&L brain activities, excellent questions and feedback.
Excellent grounding after completing Unit one.